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Home for the Holidays-Is Mom Really OK?

Posted on November 14, 2017 at 10:30 AM

Does mom sound a little off on the phone? Does she seem to be covering up or changing the subject when you ask specific questions?

Sometimes a visit home for the holidays can be an eye opening experience:

The Pumpkin Pie is nowhere to be found. The tree is not decorated. The groceries for Thanksgiving dinner haven’t even been purchased, let alone prepared. These are just a few signs that something is going on.

If you haven't seen mom or dad for a while, yet been suspicious of how “well” they are really doing, a visit home for the holidays is usually a tell all. Even though mom tells you every day on the phone that she is “fine’, seeing is believing. The possible scenarios are endless.


Bills are not paid

She seems frail and has lost weight,

The refrigerator is empty

She looks disheveled and her clothes are not clean

Nutritional needs not being met

She is confused and repeating herself

There are bruises or minor injuries

Physical problems can’t be seen over the phone.

Dehydration and malnutrition can lead to many other issues including falls.


Our parents are very proud and rarely ask for help or want to admit they are struggling. It is very common to visit after even just a month or two and see a decline. The good news is, there are plenty of solutions to give you and mom the peace of mind you all deserve.


At Solutions for Independence we advocate for our clients to assure their needs are being met and they have the best quality of life possible. We receive calls every year around this time from children visiting discovering mom and dad are having a hard time.

We assess the situation and determine the best support services. Whether it be a caregiver, a medical device such as a cane or walker, nursing care, rehabilitative services like physical or occupational therapy or maybe even downsizing to a first floor living option or retirement community, we can help.

Our care and safety assessment will help answer many questions and allow us together to come up with a plan. The plan of care will allow us to help find the resources and individuals to make sure mom and dad’s needs are being met on a daily basis.


If you are visiting for the holidays and run into any of these scenarios, please don’t hesitate to call or email [email protected]

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