Solutions For Independence

Providing Life Consulting and Planning for the Aging and Disabled

Senior Care Advocacy and Management Pittsburgh, Pa

Solutions For Independence offers solutions to allow seniors to live with respect, independence and dignity through the guidance, and direction we offer. 

This program was founded by owner Wendy Long in 2001.

Wendy recognized how many seniors and their families need help and directions after she and her own family were faced with difficulty navigating the healthcare system. 

Wendy is a graduate of Robert Morris University with a Bachelors degree in Health Services.  She has been a Senior Care Advocate who understands the challenges of difficult life decisions for 20 years.  Wendy started her service company in 2001 and has since assisted hundreds of seniors and their families find their Solutions For Independence.

Wendy has been a long time supporter of the Alzheimer's Association.  She is a member of the Women's Business Network Downtown Chapter, Life Options Pittsburgh, The Community Bridge Builders Network and the Oakmont Chamber of Commerce.  Wendy also acts as a board member for Alpha House Rehabilitation program. 

Her family believes in giving back and supporting those in need.  They engage in volunteer work throughout the year.  One of the programs they care deeply about is Fun and Freedom Youth Ministries.  Fun and Freedom provides programs and services to children and families who are struggling.  

The Long family also helps with their community Back Pack Initiative (founded by her mentor, Carol McCaskey). The program offers backpacks full of food to school age children to ensure they have something to eat on weekends.

Wendy also helped to start and volunteer with her community's Meals to Go program through East Union Presbyterian Church.  Meals to Go is a meal delivery service for seniors who are house bound and struggling to cook. 

Wendy and her family not only try to help seniors, children and families in need, they also help animals, supporting and volunteering with the Animal Rescue League and Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, as well as the West Deer Animal Shelter. They have fostered and adopted rescue animals for many years.

Wendy does all that she can for those less fortunate.  She gathers belongings such as toiletries, clothing, food, blankets, etc. and delivers to the homeless throughout the year.

Here's what a few of our clients have to say about us...

Wendy Long has been a God-sent angel for my family. I'm an only-child of an only-child and live overseas. So, when my mother took a serious fall and ended up needing extensive medical care and assisted living, it became a logistical nightmare. She couldn't live with me because her medical insurance doesn't work where I live. And I certainly couldn't afford to quit my job to live with her in the USA."

"I'm constantly grateful that we were given Wendy's card. she has filled in the gaps when my mother needed transportation! companionship, or even help moving from a nursing home into assisted living. With no family members to offer support, Wendy helped my mother attend the wake of a close friend when she passed away--providing my mother with some much-needed time with other friends whom she hadn't seen in decades. When my mother told me tearfully what a blessing Wendy was, I agreed wholeheartedly. I can honestly say that my mother and I would be desperate without Wendy's kindness and compassion." - J.D.

"I have never experienced the level of compassion and understanding with any professional like I have with Wendy.  She makes my job easier and gives my clients a sense of ease knowing that their loved one is in the best hands during transition.  I wouldn't recommend anyone else."
 -Michele Conti, Esquire

"Wendy is an exceptional care manager, but more important she is kind, caring and compassionate towards our elderly and frail population.  She is a touchstone for families struggling with the system and the very difficult process of planning and finding safe placement for their loved ones". -Janet Wrangler